Washable Paper Material

When people think about bags, they tend to think of plastic or leather based bags. These materials results in negative environmental impacts and create waste that continue to linger around for centuries even after their useful life.

The Alternative Solution

Our Washable Paper material is the perfect solution for your storage idea. It is an Eco-Friendly alternative for plastic and synthetic leather. We are here to enhance your home living experience through sustainable and green consciousness consumerism. 

The Washable Kraft Paper

Our bags are made from 100% whole wood pulp kraft paper. It is non-toxic, extremely efficient and doesn't damage the environment! At the end of it, you get one of the finest storage material around it! You can be safely assured our bags leave no impact to the environment through its biodegradable properties! It degrades naturally within a few weeks, decomposing just like leaves falling off a tree. 

The Characteristic

Feels like leather and acts like plastic. As compared to plastic, the performance does not differ much. Washable kraft paper have high-strength and good degree of breath-ability. You can feel safer with your goods in our bags! Our bags are made to last and withstand countless of washing!