#TheGreensy Movement

Imminent threat of climate change and converging environmental tribulation, but there is reasons to be optimistic about our future.

Conscious Consumerism, the act of making purchasing decisions that creates a positive social, economic, environmental, and political impact. 

It is never been more important to purchase ethical products, or boycotting unethical companies. Conscious consumerism is where the TheGreensy Movement steps in. TheGreensy Movement is made up of partners like you and me, working together to build a sustainable future ourselves and the generations to come. Each one of us have a role to play, starting from yourself. Imagine a trip to the grocery store, you peruse the aisles of seemingly endless food and drinks, do you consider the impact of every item you add to your cart?

41% of consumers around the global says they are willing to pay for products that pushes for positive impact. With TheGreensy, we are determine to bring that percentage up by providing affordable and stylish sustainable items to your doorstep. As an individual, it may be hard to see the benefits of being a conscious consumer. But, adding up each individual action equates to an overall big change within the grand scheme. The same logic applies to the natural behaviour of using disposable plastic utensils. You may be fine with one person using disposable plastic utensils, but imagine everyone in the world is using them, the world have to deal with more waste than they ever know.

So, why not step into TheGreensy Movement and make a change by using our biodegradable bamboo utensil!