Plastic manufacturing in the first ten years of this century eclipsed the total produced in the entire last century: Now we're producing – and discarding – almost 360 million tons a year.

With millions of tonnes of plastic going into the oceans every year, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fishes by 2050 and 99% of all seabirds will consume them too.

Very little of the plastic we discard everyday is recycled or incinerated in waste-to-energy facilities. Whereas, most of them actually land on landfills and it may take at least 1,000 years to decompose. This results in toxic substances leaching into the soil and water, creating an environmental crisis. Given plastic degrades to pieces small enough to pass through the stomach into the flesh of fishes and other animals, we, homospiens, are already consuming some of the plastic that we have thrown in. 

People are exposed to chemicals from plastic multiple times per day though the air, dust, water, food and use of consumer products. For instinct, phthalates are used as a plasticisers in the manufacturing of food packaging and nearly all adults have a measurable level of phthalates in our bodies.

Clearly, there is an issue right at our doorstep. So, why not make peace with Earth and starting using sustainable alternatives?

We can change and reduce the concentration of plastic in our body.
We can save the marine creatures and other animals out there. 
We can make peace with Earth again.

You, are one beautiful, amazing and powerful individual out there. 
#PeaceOutWithEarth :)