About Us

Yes, that's me, founder of The Greensy! Ever since I was a kid, I always loved the greens, the oceans and the skies. I am an avid diver, dived the Great Barrier Reef and other amazing dive sites around the world. To my dismay, I always see trash floating around the oceans and riverbeds. Voiceless animals and coral reefs are the receiving end of our actions. Hence, this resulted in the birth of The Greensy.

The Greensy is motivated to preserve the natural beauty we have by inspiring others to adopt conscious consumerism. The way we shop is convenient, easy and simple. One-click or just hop to a shop and it is yours. But there is a problem behind it. The products which we purchase were without much thought about tomorrow. Our landfills are growing while our resources are depleting. This is a fundamental definition of being "unsustainable". The future of our planet and generations depends on our actions we made today. But hey, it is never easy to make every shopping decision a mindful one.

We understand it and we are here to inspire you to make that change. What if we tell you that there is a better way to shop and ease the burden on planet Earth?

The Greensy is created to provide you with a range of curated, stylish and affordable sustainable products that is easily available. We are researching on sustainable material alternatives to replace the traditional place. We are on a constant lookout to add in new alternatives and inspire others to make that change. 

So, let's work hand-in-hand to protect our beautiful mother nature. Make a change today. <3